The Battle!

This week we have moved on to looking at Roman Soldiers. Mr Moore kindly edited a battle scene, so we could watch what it was like to be in a Roman battle, but it wasn’t too scary! After watching the clip we created a word bank of adjectives to describe it and then wrote some 2A sentences. After that we wrote a descriptive piece either from the perspective of Maximus or from the perspective of his dog! Here are some fantastic examples –

Rory – From the perspective of the dog:

Scared and worried I was ready for battle. I listened to my master. Suddenly I saw the signal.That meant it was time for battle. I was ready but I didn’t want to die.

Now it was time to charge at the Celts. I lead everybody through the forest. I scratched and bit them. Luckily I was alive still. Gruesome and intense,we had a grim fight.

Impressive and undefeated, we won. “Roma Victor!” we said. I’m so lucky to be alive right now. I’m glad it’s over. There was me, Maximus and a few other soldiers were alive.

Jayden – From the perspective of Maximus:

Brave and courageous I reacted my troops. i gave them a bit of motivation and we were off to claim our new land. Stay with me.”i shout”. We had by then killed half of their army. I ‘m proud of all the Romans who risked their live. I saw my helpful dog kill many he’s very loyal dog. The Emperor looked relieved. Although I knew we would win anyway.


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