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Story starter!

Despite being a superhero, spending the majority of his time battling against crime and dangerous villains in Gotham City with an array of different skills and deadly weapons, Batman had a weakness for chicken nuggets.

The other superheroes were also making the most of their afternoon off from saving the world. However, they didn’t have long: soon they would have to get back to business…

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  1. “Hmm this are yummy”,Batman said.The others weren’t even hungry at all.But at least batman is.All the other superhero’s were staring at him because of how much he was eating.He is going to get stuffed up in his tummy.At least he doesn’t have to go to work which is a good thing.”Yay NO WORK”,he shouted happily.

  2. He had never beaten Joker. He was the only villain in Gotham City he never beaten. So he requested a rematch. The battle began. Joker knew about his weakness so he shot chicken nuggets at him but missed. KAPOW! Batman kicked Joker’s head off and he died. “Good thing I booked tickets to go to New York to kill more bad guys!” exclaimed Batman.

  3. Because people are in danger round the world and need help to get the villains away. To do that we need alll the superheroes to stop the villains from taking over the world. The mission was to battle them for the world to be destroyed or are they going to denie the villains and kill them. Then just try to stop letting batman eat chicken nuggets and that will need a potion because that making him week and he needs to save the world and the person to go get the potion is “HULK”. He will go get the potion and stop batman. He eats way to much. Super heroes to missions easy we can do that!

  4. So they went back to the hide out instead of defeating the villain and ate some lovely chicken nuggets and after that went back to defeating the bad villain. When they killed the villain they went back again to eat lots of chicken nuggets because it helps them save the world better. What do you think they did next?p

  5. Because they had to go back to to the hq because they had a really importent mission .The mission was to go to into Gotham city and get something.They had to get something to stop batman having a weaknes of chikngnuggets.When they got into town someone had already got it they did not know who had took it and how because the shop was closed it opens at 12 o clock and it was 10 o clock.Than the superhero’s got a signal to who had took the potion. It was batman himself so they went back to the hq.

  6. So they ran to there cars and found a Villain in there car. They had to do something about it the villain wrecked all of there cars even though they were made out of strong materials. Despite all of there hard work they still had the villain to catch. Since they had no car to drive in they had to run really really fast. Finally they found the villain but he threw all the chicken nuggets he had and Batman had a weakness of chicken nuggets so apparently he died. So everyone else had to beat the mighty villain without Batman. The superhero’s had all the weapons you can think of but the villain had ran out of chicken nuggets so he had 0 wepons.

  7. All the superheroes ate there meals fast all except Batman,he was the last one to finish his meal. He was eating, eating and eating! The others were already back at work when he was munching away. At last he had finished the ginormous amount of food. He was so fat that he couldn’t even move off his chair and by that time the world had been conquered by the bad guys. So it was all down to Batman that the world exploded.

  8. They all sat down and ate. Hulk ask what everybody’s worst thing to eat was. Superman said, “sprouts”, Iron man said “cucumber”,Thor said, “onions”,Hulk said “cabbage” and Batman said, “chicken nuggets”. Then everybody laughed. Batman was so upset so he went to the bathroom crying. Everybody else felt sorry for him so they knocked on the door and apologised. Then Batman open the door and then said thank you for apologising. Then everything went back to normal and they all forgot about Batman’s worst thing to eat.

  9. While the superheroes chilled eating chicken nuggets the other superheroes that were still in the Head Quaters got taken by the villain. Suddenly , a group of people came and warned us that the villian has returned. No one knew who the villain was , they couldn’t even see his face ( he always wore a mask ). All the superheroes ran to the city except one , Batman he couldn’t stop eating chicken nuggets . They couldn’t even move him he was too heavy after all those nuggets.

    They didn’t know what to do with Batman but then they had a great idea.” Batman is only not coming because he doesn’t know how much trouble that villain has caused but if they put him there he’ll stop eating ( finally ) and help them rescue the others. All of them pulled the table forward until they reached the city and Batman followed. When they reached the city they quickly ran to the Head Quarters and saw all the superheroes tied to a chair. Finally they could have a face to face battle with that villain.

  10. They had to save the world from monsters. This was hard even though they had done this before. When it was nearly midnight,they to save the world from monsters. As they were going down the streets they heard a loud bang. Batman quickly flew up to see what had happened. He saw the monsters. All the superheroes started to run towards the monsters. They started to fight and killed all the monsters. The brave superheroes went back home and had a rest.They had saved the world from the evil monsters!

  11. Batman had a spaceship so he could fly into space and he also had a bat mobile so he could go back to the people he was working with. Batman was not scared to complete something that was hard. He would never give up. One day Batman had to go on a mission to go and defeat the joker. Joker was rather strong. Batman went to go on his mission but before that he had to pack his things. He packed his rope and his weapons. So Batman was on the batmobile waiting for joker to show up. After a few minutes he showed up. They started the battle. Batman used his rope as his weapon and smacked joker on the back of the head and that meant that Batman knocked joker out so he won. Batman had a celebration party for what he had done! Yara

  12. The hero’s were back to work but after 1 hour another villain came to town. The superhero’s meet again fighting villains in the city. Now there finished fighting but 2 villains were making a trap and it was were the superhero’s worked . It was in there office. Batman was allergic to chicken nuggets so he put a rope if he fell on the rope and a chicken nugget was going to land in his mouth but super-man stopped it . Batman alright so they went back to work and lived happily again.

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