Plastic in our oceans!

Over the past few weeks we have been working on a dance with Mrs Lynch. The children were given four words ‘plastics in the ocean’ and a piece of music. From this they had to create a dance to raise awareness of the issue. They have very nearly finished, here are some pictures of today’s rehearsal.

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Science week!

Our science week in pictures. This week we have looked at food chains, how sugar can effect our teeth and digestion!

The Magic Flute

We were very lucky this week to have the opportunity to take part in a workshop with Opera North. They came and taught us all about an opera called The Magic Flute. We started off the workshop by warming up our bodies and our voices. We had to concentrate really hard to pass the clap around the circle and make some very strange noises when warming up our voices. After we were warmed up we had to listen to pieces of music and act out how it made us feel. These pieces of music were then linked to the characters in the opera. We learnt about Pamina (the princess), Tamino (the prince), The Queen of the Night, Sarastro and Papageno. After that we learnt two songs. The children were amazing at the singing and acting. Here are some pictures of our workshop.

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Testing our predictions

This afternoon we talked about why we sometimes might have to block sound. We then thought about which materials around school would be the best at stopping sound. We tested wood, glass, brick, cloth and a pillow! We thought about how we could make sure it was a fair test. In the end we found that brick was the best at blocking out the sound. We made pic collages to record our investigations.

Bill’s New Frock

This week we finished reading Bill’s New Frock. After reading the last chapter we thought about these 2 questions. ‘What did you think of the ending?’ And ‘What would you change about the ending if you could?’ The children then wrote a summary paragraph about the message that Bill’s New Frock gave and what they learnt from it. We then turned them into QR codes. Scan the codes to find out what the children said.

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Story starter!

Complete the story!

Story starter!

Despite being a superhero, spending the majority of his time battling against crime and dangerous villains in Gotham City with an array of different skills and deadly weapons, Batman had a weakness for chicken nuggets.

The other superheroes were also making the most of their afternoon off from saving the world. However, they didn’t have long: soon they would have to get back to business…

Building our cavalry!

Today we have spent the morning building our horses for our tribe. It was quite a tricky task to do on our own so we had to work as a team. We are going to paint them on Monday. Here are some pictures of what we have made so far.