Amy Wilson 

This afternoon we were really lucky to have Amy Wilson visit us to talk about her books and how to be a fantastic writer. We spent some time thinking about our super Self! We had flying, bending time and running super fast. She then talked about magic in nature and what we think is magic in real life. We then talked about magic creatures in books and how we can make them special characters. After that she talked about her new book Snowglobe and what magical world is in that book. We were very lucky that she read some of Snowglobe to us. She finished by talking about how you have to believe in your stories and how important it is to edit your stories.


The Battle!

This week we have moved on to looking at Roman Soldiers. Mr Moore kindly edited a battle scene, so we could watch what it was like to be in a Roman battle, but it wasn’t too scary! After watching the clip we created a word bank of adjectives to describe it and then wrote some 2A sentences. After that we wrote a descriptive piece either from the perspective of Maximus or from the perspective of his dog! Here are some fantastic examples –

Rory – From the perspective of the dog:

Scared and worried I was ready for battle. I listened to my master. Suddenly I saw the signal.That meant it was time for battle. I was ready but I didn’t want to die.

Now it was time to charge at the Celts. I lead everybody through the forest. I scratched and bit them. Luckily I was alive still. Gruesome and intense,we had a grim fight.

Impressive and undefeated, we won. “Roma Victor!” we said. I’m so lucky to be alive right now. I’m glad it’s over. There was me, Maximus and a few other soldiers were alive.

Jayden – From the perspective of Maximus:

Brave and courageous I reacted my troops. i gave them a bit of motivation and we were off to claim our new land. Stay with me.”i shout”. We had by then killed half of their army. I ‘m proud of all the Romans who risked their live. I saw my helpful dog kill many he’s very loyal dog. The Emperor looked relieved. Although I knew we would win anyway.


The mysterious box!

This week a very exciting thing happened. We were asked to help Mrs Stott with identifying a mysterious box the builders found. We went out to see Dave and he gave us a very old looking muddy box.  Once back in the classroom we looked carefully at the box and found an old map in it. Looking closely at the map we thought it came from the Roman era. We were shocked that the builders didn’t know much about the Romans so we decided to set up a museum to share what we are going to learn with everyone. We then came up with an action plan on how to create a museum, we decided in the end to email the British Museum to ask for advice. Here is an example of an email:

To the British museum,

Today the man in the digger (Mr Collins) was digging the surface of the new classroom until he came across something hard. It was this muddy old box that looked like it was from the Roman times. We came in the classroom and investigated a map from the box. We then thought that we should make our own museum. Please could you help us think of ideas and tell us what roles there are in a museum? We would really appreciate it.

Yours sincerely