The Romans are coming!

Some people say that Allerton CE Primary School is built on or near the site of an old Roman camp. Some people claim to have heard the sound of marching Roman soldiers in the middle of the night. Today, the site was revisited by Roman soldiers, druids and Iceni warriors and could be seen through the autumn mists and rain.

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A day in the life of a Roman!

What an exciting first week back we have had. We had a visit from a Roman called Pomponius Mamilianus! He came to show us his town of Chester. He said he didn’t really like the English weather and that Rome was much nicer! After he had introduced himself he gave us all a job linked to a person in Chester. We had Patriarchs who were very important men, slaves, people at the bath house, market sellers and women shopping. It was a special day in Roman Chester as it was the Saturnalia which meant that everyone had the day off even the slaves. After we had visited Chester the children created 12 different statues of all the gods and we learnt what each of them did. We then looked at how they used to worship the gods by sacrificing animals. Our priest then performed the ceremony, once the animal was dead they would take out the liver to inspect. If the liver was good if was seen as a good omen and if it was bad it was seen as a bad omen. It all seemed very gruesome! After that we went to the local Amphitheatre to watch the Gladiator fights. The Romans seemed to like violent games! We saw three fights, 2 gladiators, a lion and a bear and a slave with a special type of gladiator who fought with a net and a trident. The patriarchs had the best seats in the arena and decided who lived and died using either thumb up or thumb down. Here are some pictures.